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My philosophy of painting is simply to convey to others through my paintings the abundant natural beauty of New Mexico and the emotional attachment I feel for our state.  


I travel throughout New Mexico in search of landscapes that conjure up many images of old adobes, rusting trucks, and breathtaking bluffs and mesas.  I am in constant search of lush trees and grasses and settings of ancient farm equipment casting shadow in the sun. 

I don’t have any philosophy about painting.  I simply want somebody to enjoy what I’ve seen and painted.  I like to describe myself as a romantic realist landscape artist.  My architectural background influences my desire to capture the light and shadow of the subject.

My work is found in many collections, both private and corporate, throughout the United States.  I also routinely exhibit my painting in galleries in New Mexico, Colorado and West Texas.

James A Messimer


About me

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